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Photography: Past, Present and Future

The art of photography allows one to capture a single moment and preserve it for all eternity. This website is concerned with all aspects of photography, from its first appearance almost 200 years ago to today’s cutting-edge photo technology and prognostications about potential advances in future.

Here, photography buffs will find countless articles on a range of relevant topics, including thumbnail biographies of famous photographers, reviews of the latest cameras and gear, and speculation about new photo technologies that may be just around the corner.

Homage to Past Masters

The modern world of photography would not be what it is today without the contributions of past pioneers and prodigies. For this reason, this site pays tribute to history’s great photographers, providing important historical and biographical information as well as wide-ranging photo galleries showcasing their work.

For inspiration, readers can scroll through the most iconic compositions by many of the world’s most beloved photographers, including Eliot Porter, Frans Lanting, Robert Doisneau and Weegee, to name only a few.

Into the Future

On a technical level, the world of contemporary photography is always in a state of flux due to the rapidly evolving nature of the technology it relies on. That’s why this site also devotes considerable space to the latest advances in photo technology.

Here, amateur shutterbugs can follow all the latest photography-related technological developments. They can also read insightful reviews (written by professional photographers) of all the latest cameras and camera gear now on the market.